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 Upcoming Comic Book Movies

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PostSubject: Upcoming Comic Book Movies   Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:40 am

The First Avenger: Captain America - I LOVe Cap. He's my All Time FAVORITE Marvel Character...without powers anyway. But I have a feeling the movie will disappoint me for two reasons. 1 being that they NEVER get it PERFECT the first time. They experimented with a Spidey Movie Twice Before the BlockBuster and X-Men 3 times. 2 Being that rather than getting a really built and better fitting actor for the role, they just recycled actors from Fantastic 4. They pulled out the Human Torch. The guy's a good actor but do you think he could play Cap?

Thor - I was praying for this movie not to look terrible and, while it, by no means, looks FANTASTIC, it looks pretty good. At first I did not see that guy playing Thor but now I see it. It could work. I love the promo using the Destroyer Armor. The Destroyer Armor is perfectly doable for a Thor Movie to me.

Ant-Man - Uh...well...to be honest, this just screams "Honey, I Shrunk...Myself" to me. I enjoy reading the character but I don't see him working very well in a movie...at least not without Wasp.

Batman 3 - There have been so many rumors about this. People are saying Johnny Depp is going to be in it as the Riddler, they're saying Harley Quinn, Bat-Girl and/or Robin will be in it. Really? To me I think the Dark Knight was PERFECT. They better leave Joker alone. Heath did too perfecta job. I don't want to see another Penguin and Catwoman Batman movie. Johnny Depp as the Riddler COULD work. He's definitely the right kind of actor for the role. Who knows, it could happen. As far as Bat-Girl and Robin NO. I wanna see Riddler and/or Black Mask

Ghost Rider remake - Thank You GOD! The First one was funny but terrible...in fact that's WHY it was funny. They went and spent all the money on the effects! This remake is supposed to have nothing to do with anything on the first one which is a blessing for me. Do it like they did the Hulk. Fluke 1 and make the reboot EPIC.

Iron Man 3 - ...After that last one, I WANT MORE. And I can't think of any better villain than the big man himself, The Mandarin. I know they aren't going to do that, however and M.O.D.O.K would scare the kiddies so...I'm at a loss. Titanium Man? No...Crymson Dynamo? Nope...

Moon Knight - I just assumed they were going to eventually and stumbled onto an idea that was tossed around. If one more person complains that it'll be another Batman movie, I'm going to hit someone. Okay, hey have gadgets and only masquerade at night...so? There's one massive component there...Moon Knight has Powers. There's more but that alone is enough of a difference maker when it comes to comicbooks. Anyway, I'd like a Moon Knight movie. Not dying for it but I'd enjoy it.

Deadpool - YEAH BUDDEH! Nuff Said!

Green Lantern - I'm going to enjoy this even if it sucks, frankly. Just because it's Ryan Reynolds.

Avengers - =D I've been waiting for this movie since Iron Man 1 came out because I knew it was the first step! The Mighty Avengers! Thor, Captain America, Iron-Man, The Black Panther (depending on the version you read), and The Incredible Hulk. So far, my only wish is that they keep the IronMan and Incredible Hulk casting. Don't know about the other two yet.

SuperMan: Man of Steel - A Sequel to the craptastic 2006 SuperMan Movie. Honestly, I don't think they CAN have a good SuperMan movie without Chris Reeves.
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Upcoming Comic Book Movies
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