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 Scavengers - Blitz Kids (Review)

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PostSubject: Scavengers - Blitz Kids (Review)   Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:11 am

Just a quick review to get the scheme going.

“I told you one day girl you’ll be a star, but don’t change a thing of what you are.” Joe James sings in the second tack of Blitz Kids ‘Scavengers’, ‘Maybe We’ll Die Maybe We Won’t’. Hopefully Joe and his band, comprised of Jono Yates (guitar), Billy Evanson (guitar), Nic Montgomery (bass) and Eddie Hawx (drums), will follow their own advice, because what they’ve got here is fantastic.

Right from the kick off of ‘Sell Yourself’, this EP is filled with upbeat rhythms, catchy vocals, complete with inspirational lyrics, and brilliant drumming. Throughout the tack-list, Blitz Kids display their talent, and show that they can bond each individual member’s talent to make fantastic songs which will be going through your mind for hours after listening to it.

‘In Each Other’s Eyes’ is often remembered by the band’s fast growing fan base for having a huge chorus which you won’t forget, but this can be said for every song on the EP. Overall, Crewe and Nantwich’s Blitz Kids have pulled off a great achievement and can be confident to go forward in this style. Great talent, great band, great EP.


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Scavengers - Blitz Kids (Review)
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